Monday, 12 January 2015

How to create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the rage at the moment, and there is good reason why. They are a great way to add some individuality to our homes. Not one of them is the same. You can mix and match styles of prints you like, photographs from your travels, witty quotes,... the possibilities are endless. They make us feel that bit more creative.

However, a gallery wall can be daunting as well. I moved into my new home a year ago exactly, and I only just put my pictures up twenty minutes ago. Why did it take me so long? Well, part of it is that I give everything a lot of thought - too much, possibly. When I moved in there was a lot to do, as I moved from a one bedroom tiny cottage to a two bedroom house that is considerably bigger. I had to think about curtains, furniture for my second bedroom, painting the walls, and a very long etcetera. After six weeks I was exhausted and I took a break from all things home, and my walls became neglected. My gallery wall is above my sofa, so I rarely see it when I am sitting down reading or watching tv, so I grew used to it.

However, I have been proactively looking at artwork online since the summer, but it was so confusing. Should I start from the composition and shapes or choose the artwork that I liked? In the end, I did a bit of both. 

1. Start from one or two prints you love and work around them
I bought the beautiful origami animals print from Then I saw the "Don't worry, be yonce" print on Etsy as a downloadable image and I bought it straight away. 

2. Decide what composition you would like
From there I started playing in my head with different compositions. If you're stuck for ideas, Pinterest will be your best friend. Have a play and change it as much as you need to. This is how mine started.

3. Choose or buy your frames
Here you can get very creative. You can buy old frames, buy simple ones that you can spray paint,... I have gone for very simple frames from Ikea, but I plan to do a bit of customising in the next few weeks.

4. Firm up your layout
Lay your frames on the floor and play with the different possibilities: I took a few photos until I was happy with my layout. 

5. Get the rest of your pictures
By that point I only needed two more images, but now I knew I was looking for one portrait and one landscape, as well as the sizes. I found a load of great free printables on Pinterest, and I knew I wanted to have one of my photos, especially from back home in Spain, so I chose a photo I took on New Year's Day at the beach.

5. Get hanging'
It is a very good idea to do cut outs of your frames with newspaper and stick them to the wall. Position them where you want them to be so you can get an idea of what it will look like later. Then, get your hammer, hooks and nails and hang all your pics!

6. Keep adding, playing with it
I don't think you ever finish a gallery wall. The beauty of them is that they look so organic that you can keep adding pictures, re-positioning the ones you have... You don't have to stop! I am fairy happy with mine, but being completely honest, I think it needs a little bit of va va voom. It seems a bit bare at the moment, and I think it's because of the Beyonce print. I think I may re-use that elsewhere and find something richer for my gallery wall.

I hope you found this post useful. I would love to see some of your gallery walls for inspiration! X

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