Sunday, 25 January 2015

Make up clear out

Make up and skincare are my Achilles heel. Although I like to think that in my thirties I have figured out what works for me and what doesn't, sometimes I am tempted by 3 for 2 offers, gifts with purchase, etc. and end up with a growing pile of products that either aren't right for me or that I have better versions of already.

Over time I have accumulated many products that I simply don't use, and there are four distinct trends there:

Orange lip products
I am not talking full on tangerine, but anything with an orange undertone is a no no for me. You could forgive me for trying, as I am olive skinned, so the rules say that orange will look good on me. Not quite.

Taupe eye shadows
These are quite often a result of the 3 for 2 offers. I struggle to think of the third item I want and end up going for something safe that I know I will use lots. Taupe eye shadow is one of my favourites, so at the time it makes sense, but of course I also have quite a few! I don't think anything will beat Mac's Satin Taupe, so I should really stop buying them!

Pale pink lipsticks
In my defence, these normally come in gift sets that you get when you buy two products from a high end brand (Clinique and Estee Lauder do fantastic sets). Now, these would look great on paler complexions, but my Mediterranean skin doesn't suit such pale colours on my pout. 

The genuine mistakes
It is notoriously difficult to find the right shade for your foundation in the drugstore, and in the past I have ended up misjudging the colour and ending up with a foundation or concealer that is either too light or too pink.

I hate throwing things away, which is the main reason why my unwanted make up has been growing like mushrooms. However, someone's trash can be someone else's treasure. There may be one of your friends who will look great in shades you don't. I remembered that my friend Katy looks fabulous in orange tones, so I filled a bag and this week I took a selection of make up to her. Here are some of them.

I recently got a gift with purchase from Bourjois. Two products I didn't like were the smokey eye palette and the nail polish. I had bought this colour before, had not liked it and given it away already! Their CC cream is fabulous, but I bought it in a shade that was too light for me.

As I said, I have a thing for taupe eye shadows. The version from L'Oreal is lovely and buttery, but not as nice as my Mac's Satin Taupe, and Bobbi Brown's Brown Metal cream shadow has too much glitter for me.

Revlon's Red Lacquer was a wishful purchase. I adore red lipstick, and would love to wear it more often, so I bought this sheer lipstick in the hope that it would suit me. However, this is on the orange side, and well, you know the story...

The Honey lip crayon is definitely more blue toned, but I just really, really, really dislike lip products with a mint scent. I also find it a bit waxy, and prefer Soap & Glory's Sexy Motherpucker's hands down.

There were a few more products in the bag, and I wish I had thought about writing this blog post before and taken some photos, but I am afraid I have forgotten quite a few things that were in there. It just shows how I won't miss them.

I hope this may have inspired you to have a bit of a clear out. I'd love to hear what are those products that you never use.

Have a lovely week,


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  1. The treasure trove of lovely cosmetics have been totally appreciated and already much-used. Thanks Inma x


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