Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sephora Micellar Water review

Micellar waters are the lazy girl's best friend, which is one of the reasons why they have become staples of many beauty routines. They are as easy and quick to use as cleansing wipes, but they don't have the bad reputation of the latter.

A few years ago I did a stint as a skincare buyer for a department store and learned an awful lot about how our skin works and what is important to take good care of it. Above everything, I learned that cleansing is the single most important thing you can do. Yet, I still went to bed with a full face of make up at least three times a week (I am blushing admitting that!). Now I am in my mid thirties I have definitely seen the benefits of having a beauty routine, but for me to stick to it, it needs to be simple. And allow me a few shortcuts. Micellar waters are one of them.

We all know what is the world's micellar water extraordinaire. Make up artists swear by the magical powers of Bioderma, effective enough to get rid of waterproof mascara yet very gentle on the most sensitive of skins. However, whenever there is a product that everyone covets, the rest of the brands in the beauty world aren't too far behind coming up with their own versions. The shelves at the chemists (or drugstore) are full of them, from La Roche Posay and Avene (great for sensitive skin, but not so great with eye make up) to L'Oreal and Garnier (I really had a problem with the scent of L'Oreal's water).

My latest discovery has been Sephora's Triple Action Cleansing Water. Although sadly Sephora doesn't have any shops in the UK, where I live, luckily my small home town in Spain has not only one, but two stores! Having heard that this water rivalled the holy Bioderma, I popped to the store during my Christmas break and bought a big bottle.

The first thing that I noticed about the product was the dispenser. I always found that I wasted a lot of product when I poured Garnier's micellar water onto a cotton pad, so the upside pump is fantastic. You use the cotton pad to push down (preferably twice) and you will get enough to take the make up off one eye.

This water has a subtle smell, which doesn't irritate my eyes, but I suspect that those with sensitive skin may have a bit of trouble with. If you have used any other products in Sephora's skincare line, this smells exactly the same, very fresh, with a hint of cucumber. I find it quite pleasant.

But the key question is: Does it actually take off your make up? In my opinion, yes, it does. If you rest your soaked cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds, it will dissolve your mascara and liquid eyeliner easily. I don't need to rub thoroughly, which for me is a must.

Having said that, you can't beat the thorough cleanse you get with a cleansing balm or cream. I like the ritual of massaging my skin and using a hot flannel to rinse it, but even when I do that, I still find myself reaching out for my Sephora cleansing water just to make sure I have no traces of eye make up before to bed. On lazy nights when I am going to bed late and very tired, I only use the water.

So, Sephora, you get a big thumbs up from me! So far the only other micellar water I would buy again is Bioderma. What a shame neither of them are widely available where I live, although they are both worth the effort!


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