Sunday, 29 March 2015

March favourites

Spring has sprung and the clocks have just gone into summertime mode, which is such a good feeling after what feels like an eternal winter! I had to think hard this month to come up with a small list of favourites, as I've been very low maintenance this month, but there are a few things that I have been using very happily during March that are worth a mention.

Sephora retractable blush brush

The first in my list is this retractable blush brush from Sephora which I bought in Spain last Christmas. I have to hold my hands up and admit that the reason why I bought this instead of a normal blush brush was because they were a bit expensive. But honestly this has ended up being much more useful than a conventional brush. I apply blush with it hardly twisted up. Because it is so stubby and dense it applies a lot of colour, and then I adjust it and twist it up completely for blending. The other advantage is that it has a cover, so it's really easy to throw in your make up bag or to take away on holidays and keep it clean.

NARS multiple in orgasm

I'm a big fan of products that have multiple uses, and this is no exception. I already mentioned it in a post about glowing skin earlier this year. You can use it on your cheeks, as eye shadow and if your skin is on the paler side, on your lips. I've been using quite a plummy shade of powder blush for ages, so this has made a nice change.

NARS larger than life eye pencil in Via Appia

Ok, I know this was in my February favourites, but I still wear it every day! I have also spotted a cheaper version by Kiko which I will give a go once I'm done with this beauty. You can read last month's post for my thoughts on it, which if anything are even stronger.

Essie a splash of grenadine nail polish

After not painting my nails once during February, this month I have been dressing them in bright colours again. It must be that spring is in the air and I am more drawn to colour. This nail polish was a purchase from last year after seeing it recommended by essiebutton. It's not quite pink but it's not quite purple either. It is not pastel and it is not strictly bright. It is just really lovely!

Rimmel double decker red nail polish

Red is one of my favourite colours. Whether it is a red car, dress, lipstick or nail polish, I am drawn to it. It is bright, cheerful and classic at the same time. This nail polish from Rimmel is a true red that goes with everything you may want to wear, and it really delivers against its lasting finish claim. I can wear it for 5 days with no chips at all.

Popsugar Fitness videos

It is no secret that I am trying to look after myself, and since I cancelled my very expensive gym membership last summer I have been relying on Youtube for workout videos. Popsugar Fitness has a huge selection of them, ranging from a few minutes to longer ones. I quite like the more focussed half hour workouts, which go by very quickly and you can fit into your day very easily. I also love the energy of the instructors - they make it look like fun, which is what I need when I am exercising.

Smoothie bowls

Although I've been drinking smoothies for years, I had never tried smoothie bowls. I had my first one an evening earlier this month. Having a bigger lunch and lighter dinner works for me, and depending on what I am doing and how late it gets, sometimes I will quite happily have a smoothie in the evening. I made one with pineapple, banana and coconut cream that was on the thicker side, so I decided to pour it into a bowl and add a few nuts and seeds. It is like having a sweet chilled soup, really! Since then I've tried a few more and sometimes it is just what I feel like at the end of a long day.

Grey's Anatomy

I have never been a fan of medical dramas. I didn't watch ER and, well, I can't even think of the names of any others to cite as proof that I am not a fan of the genre. However, since I started watching Grey's Anatomy around 3 years ago I was hooked by the are they, aren't they story line between the gorgeous Dr Shepherd (never someone has deserved his nickname of McDreamy more!) and Meredith Grey. Not to mention the hilarious Dr Bailey, the charismatic Christina Yang and the even more gorgeous Jackson Avery. I had got stuck at the end of season 9, but this month I found season 10 on Amazon Prime and I worked my way through it in just over a week! Luckily Sky Living is showing season 11 and I am not entirely up to speed but how I miss my binge-watching sessions!

Hope you have enjoyed this post. I love writing favourite posts, because it is a chance to look back at things I have enjoyed and that always leaves me with a very positive feeling. I have decided to do an "all time favourites" series during April, so I will be sharing those things I have truly enjoyed for years, from childhood comfort food to films, and of course, lots of beauty as well.

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  1. That Essie shade is gorgeous! I haven't heard of smoothie bowls but they sound delicious *yum* It's so nice to know that we are heading into the spring/summertime now that the clocks have gone forward :)

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. Smoothie bowls are great! It's all the deliciously ella effect - she's got us all eating healthy pretty food, ha ha x

  2. That Nars multiple use stick looks amazing. Need! I also love the sound of smoothie bowls, I will have to try them.

    Love your blog by the way! I also blog about beauty and lifestyle:


    1. Thanks! The Nars multiple is truly dreamy :) x

  3. Oh, I love this shade by Essie! Right, it's not really pink nor purple, something in between (:

    Nati xx

  4. It's perfect - goes with everything and makes you feel all springy and bright! :) x


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