Sunday, 1 March 2015

Stylish free downloads

I like to change the background of my gadgets quite regularly, especially my laptop. I spend so much of my days sitting in front of it that I prefer to have a bright image to cheer me up in the winter or a motivating quote. There are A LOT of free desktop wallpapers on the net, but so many of them are just a little bit bland or so absolutely full of images that it’s impossible to find what I want. Over time I have come across a few good websites that have plenty of choice but their selections are much more the style I like!

This blog is my absolute favourite! The dress your tech posts are full of really colourful backgrounds not only for your laptop, but also tablet, phone, etc. There is a mixture of interest patterns, bright florals and motivational quotes that aren’t twee at all. I couldn’t love it more. I also follow DLF on Instagram as she is always posting lots of bright photos which are straight up my street.

If you think that maybe the designs fro DLF are a little bit on the feminine side, this site has some really great desktop backgrounds and may be your thing. It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I love a good geometric pattern, and this site has lots of them!

Ok, there is a lot to trawl through on this website, but I have found some great ones here in the past. I love the one with the stripey beach umbrella, because that is really where I would rather be when I’m in the office on a rainy day.

When it comes down to dressing the walls in your bedroom or your home, there are also plenty of sites where you can download art for free! True, you have to get them printed, but if you’re creating a gallery wall, this can be a great way to find some smaller images that you can even print at home. Pinterest is always a good place to start. Sometimes the links actually send you to an Etsy shop where you have to pay, which I find frustrating.

This is probably the best place on the whole internet to find free printables. I used it to get an image of feathers for the gallery wall in my living room. They have “Freebies” section with lots and lots of images you can download, from art for your walls to calendars and everything in between. I was going to include others, but there is so much here that I don’t think you need any more!

Hope you found this post useful and it may give you some ideas to refresh your surroundings this March!

Inma x        

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  1. I love designlovefest! My current wallpaper, a blue ombre, is from there :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty


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