Wednesday, 8 April 2015

My favourite blogs and YouTube channels

I've been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for over 5 years, and whilst some of what I read and watch can change quite a lot, there are a few that have been pretty consistent.



Healthy eating and living is having a moment, and Ella Woodward has had a huge role to play in it. She was diagnosed with a rare heart condition a few years ago, which left her bed ridden for a long time. During this time she started her blog, where she was posting the recipes that were bringing her back to health. Since then she has become a blogging sensation and her book has been number 1 on Amazon for weeks. I love that she makes really simple dishes that are very easy to rustle up that are good for your health. Healthy eating had been a bit like a punishment or something hard to go through in order to get a better figure. I love that this approach comes from a place of treating your body as well as it deserves, of enjoying the different flavours.


I think this is possibly the first blog I ever followed about 4 or 5 years ago. What drew me to it was the beautifully shot interiors that made me dream of living in those pictures. The interior blog posts are still there, but there are also interviews with creative business owners and short city guides. It is so well written and so gorgeously put together that I always look forward to having some time to sit down and have a binge-read.

The chalkboard mag

I started following The Chalkboard Mag on Instagram a year ago and it has slowly become one of my favourite destinations for general lifestyle inspiration. As well as great recipes there are often articles about health that are really interesting, and the look of it is spot on as well.

New favourites
Since I started blogging last Christmas I read so many more blogs than I did before, and there are a handful that I have come across recently which I really, really like!

From Roses is always a source of inspiration for photography. Rebecca, the brains behind it, is a super photographer and has great skill in creating interesting compositions. The blog content and her writing style are lovely.

Jennypurr is my go to place for advice. There are so many blogs about blogging, but this one actually has articles that I find useful and thought provoking.

I have to mention Brenda Busy Bee as well. Her blog is mostly about beauty, but she keeps it so real and genuine. There are many people out there raving about products willy nilly, but when Brenda says she likes something, I believe her. Not to mention that she is really lovely as well!


YouTube has changed so much over the past few years. When I started watching beauty videos most people were doing them as a hobby, filiming from their bedroom while they finished university or worked full time. Now some of them have become more famous than some celebrities, brands have spotted the opportunity to get some exposure and what used to be very genuine seems a bit less so of lately. However, there are still many people out there who are creating good quality videos, and these two are by far my favourites.

Ingrid Nilsen
Formerly known as Miss Glamorazzi, Ingrid Nilsen is probably one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. She started off wanting to be an architect but after university she decided to give YouTube her full attention. I know she makes a living out of it and there are sponsored videos (always clearly marked), but I love her personality and her outlook on life, as well as the fact that she is always striving to improve the quality of her videos and other projects that she gets involved with. It feels as though she has improved the quality of her videos without just focusing on her personal life, which has been the case with so many others. Whenever there is a video from her in my subscription box, only the next lady can stop me from watching it first.

Lisa Eldridge
Lisa Eldridge is a professional make up artist who has worked with the most famous faces of the planet for decades. She doesn't need to make YouTube videos to live but does it because she loves it, and because she is a pro make up artist, whether the products perform or not is what makes her like them. You will rarely hear her complimenting a brand's packaging. If the product isn't good enough she simply won't mention it, whether it is a £50 eye shadow or a £3 nail polish. That and her simple make up looks are what I like most about her.

She has great videos for make up looks for special occasions, wedding make up for those brides who will do it themselves and her tutorials for PMS suitable make up or to see your ex for the first time are a must watch.

Lisa has worked for many brands including Chanel or No 7 and is now a Global Director for Lance, yet this channel is completely independent and objective.

There are lots of new channels I find every now and then, like Popsugar Fitness or Yoga with Adriene, but if I had to choose my top 2, it would be Ingrid and Lisa.

What are your favourite blogs and channels?

Inma x

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  1. Thank you Inma! I feel so humbled to be included in your list of favourites :) I'm glad you feel that I won't just rave about any product willy nilly - I do love to share the products I love with you. Thank you again lovely! :) x

    Brenda BusyBee | Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palettes Giveaway

  2. Sorry for the late reply (been away for a week), but you're most welcome :) x


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