Wednesday, 6 May 2015

15 things I love about Britain

Those of you who live in the UK will know that there is a general election tomorrow. You may in fact be gathering your thoughts before going to vote. I am so very jealous of you! Despite having lived in the UK for over 11 years and voting in local and county elections, as a foreign national I am not allowed to vote tomorrow. This has been the case ever since I've lived here, but for some reason, this year it has really bothered me and I feel very left out.

This is vastly because, as much as I love my country of birth and how Spanish I still feel, I see Britain as my adoptive country, somewhere where I feel completely at home. So I thought I would try and turn my grumpiness about not being able to vote into something more positive and share with you some of the things I love about Britain. Here they go!

1. Sense of humour. So dry, so sarcastic. I love it!
2. Sunday roasts. Lots of people turn their noses up at British food, but there are very few things that can beat a good roast. Each one of them has something I adore: mint sauce, yorkshire pudding, crackling... Yum!
3. Nobody lets the weather stop them from doing things, even outdoors.
4. Sense of individualism.
5. London. In a country with so much tradition, London is always a few steps ahead the rest of the world. It is such an exciting city where old and new live next to each other.
6. Cake! Carrot cake, lemon drizzle cake, Victoria sponge... they are all utterly delicious. We simply don't have that array of cakes that people bake at home in Spain.
7. People say please and thank you. Even when they don't mean it.
8. People will apologise to you when you step on them push them... And before complaining.
9. The Brits have the ability to laugh at themselves like no other nationality.
10. Respect for heritage and traditions.
11. The countryside always looks stunning when you fly in. Sometimes when I am driving around I try to see the country as I did for the very first time and get to appreciate the beautiful countryside even more.
12. Brits are more ambitious and driven than my fellow Spaniards. Of course if you tell me that we are lazy in Spain I will deny it and get quite cross, but there is a teeny tiny bit of truth in the stereotype.
13. The BBC. You don't know how lucky you are to have a public TV that is so incredibly good and independent.
14. If there is crumble on the menu, I am much more tempted by it than any fancy dessert with a coulis. And always with custard, of course.
15. Oxford, of course. I love this city, with all its heritage, its university colleges, the river, the canal, the old pubs, Cowley Road... It is the first place I visited in the UK, the city that stole my heart and the one I am lucky enough to live in.

What are the things you love about Britain?

Inma x

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  1. these are indeed good points. I wish people would be as nice as the britains everywhere in the world

  2. Such a great post Inma and thank you for sharing it :) I think you are so right and agree with all your points! As someone who grew up outside the UK but has been living in the UK for a number of years, it is easy to lose sight of the good things and get bogged under with the negative. Thank you for making me remember the good things :) x

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. We are in a unique position that being from somewhere else we don't take as much for granted, I guess. I find that sometimes ex-pats here can moan and moan about the weather, the food, etc. but actually, we kind of chose to be here and there's so much good as well! How long have you lived here for? x

    2. I have been here for 8 years now :) I came from Zimbabwe which was warm and sunny and really beautiful. I would say I chose to come here but because of the political and economic upheaval in the country, I feel the choice was almost forced xx

    3. I understand what you mean. That must have been a pretty tough decision to make. Hope you have found lots of happiness here and that it was worth it x


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