Thursday, 11 June 2015

5 sunscreens

The sun has been shining for days and I am off on a break next week, so my brain is all on summer mode. This is the season I love the most: summer fruits, eating outside, summer holidays and sunshine make me very happy.

It is no secret that the sun ages our skin, but above anything, it is really important that you are safe. There are over 2 million new cases of skin cancer diagnosed in the world each year, a number I find staggering, so protecting your skin from the sun is essential.

Here  are the 5 best sunscreens I have come across, for all eventualities!

1. For your body
I have used the Spanish brand Delial for as long as I can remember, and when it is available I buy it again without hesitation. However, there is another high street brand I discovered last year which I really enjoyed, Hawaian Tropic. Their products have that lovely tropical scent that transports you to a beautiful beach even when you are sunbathing on your back garden, the texture is very creamy and hydrating, and they have a very wide range. I tan quite easily and rarely burn, so if I go away I tend to use SPF30 for a couple of days and as I gradually get more tanned I go down to SPF15 and spend more time in the shade. Please bear in mind this may not be enough for you and is only what I use based on my skin and the short time I spend at the beach each day. If in doubt, always go with higher protection!

2. For your face
La Roche Posay have, in my opinion, the best range of facial suncare out there. In the past I have splurged on products from Murad or the very expensive Institut Esthederm, but I honestly prefer the ultra light fluid with SPF50 from La Roche Posay, which is a very light fluid that is dry to the touch nearly instantly. I use this instead of a moisturiser most of the year.

3. The make up replacement
Another great product is this tinted sunscreen by Eucerin. I wouldn’t wear a tinted product to the beach or the swimming pool, but if you are out and about sightseeing while on holiday this is a great alternative to foundation. It has a hint of tint and SPF50.

4.Perfect for touch ups
When not on holiday, I’m guilty of slapping on the sunblock in the morning and then forgetting to top it up during the rest of the day, even when I sit outside during lunch time. If I have some make up on it feels messy to apply a white cream over it again, and not particularly hygienic. A few years ago I discovered this brilliant product by Peter Thomas Roth in a video about sunscreens by Lisa Eldridge. It is a mineral sunscreen in powder form that comes in a handy little container with a retractable brush. The packaging makes it very portable and easy to apply over make up, as it is a translucent powder that you can layer over make up or wear it on its own.

5. After the sun
Finally, protecting your skin after it’s been exposed to the sun for hours is very important, and Vichy have a really wonderful aftersun. It cools your skin and nourishes it and if you’ve been unlucky to get burnt this balm will really help repair your skin.

As you can see, there are so many options that not using a good sunscreen is not one of them! Hope you enjoyed it and if you have any recommendations, please share!

Inma x

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  1. My favorite sunscreen is neutrogena waterproof for a body sunscreen.

    Characters & Carry-ons

    1. Thanks Joyce! I've never tried the range by Neutrogena before x

  2. I have only ever used LRP as my facial sunscreen and I love it :) x

    Brenda BusyBee


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