Sunday, 28 June 2015

Oils, wonderful oils

For a girl who used to have oily skin and suffer from pretty bad skin in her twenties, trusting oils and beginning to use them took a leap of faith. The first one I ever used was actually to combat my acne. I must have been in my mid twenties and I was so fed up with using harsh medicated products on my skin to dry out my acne. I remember reading an article in Elle magazine about Natalie Portman loving Dr Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream for her dry, sensitive skin. It was not the first time that I’d heard about the brand and so I went on their website and ordered a booklet that explained their whole approach to skincare and everything you needed to know about their products. That’s where I first read that "like treats like", and therefore a good oil was the best way to balance oily skin. There was so much backed up research that made so much sense to me that I bought their Clarifying Day Oil (it used to be called Normalizing Daily Oil back then) and I never ever looked back. I stopped using it after a couple of years because it had worked so well I no longer needed it. It is the only thing that got rid of my bad skin, and ever since then I have been a total convert to oils and to a more natural approach to skincare.


Since I got over the barrier of putting an oil on my then oily face, I discovered many more over the years. Darphin has a brightening orange blossom oil that I often use if my skin is feeling dehydrated or dull. I love the scent and it feels like a lovely ritual to massage it onto the skin, especially at night. Kiehl’s night concentrate is another great one for the night, especially with its lavender fragrance that helps you unwind and get ready for a restful sleep.

One of my latest discoveries has been Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil. I have only had it for a few weeks so I will be cautious about what I say about it, but it is a game changer. From the first day I noticed a difference straight away, so if it carries on performing it may replace a few products. I may write a separate post about it.


I don’t think there is any contest here. Aromatherapy Associates are the best of the best in my opinion. They have such a wide variety of oils that there is one for every need you may have. If you are having a rough day, their Support Equilibrium has frankincense, which is known to help with moments of turmoil. De-stress muscle is perfect after a particularly hard workout or if you have a knotty back. If you have had a long day and need to go out for the evening, a soak in Revive Evening will help you perk up and be on top form. However, we mostly have baths to simply relax, and even in that case you can choose whether you want to Relax Light or Relax Deep.

If you want to have them all, they do a mini set with all these and more, currently for £16.50 from Space NK. You get around two baths out of each little bottle, so it is great value. I think it’s such a good gift for someone you know who enjoys their bath time and a real bargain right now.


Quite often we are happier to spend a little extra on face products and not care too much what we put on our body, but if you think about it, what we put on our skin is absorbed and the superficie is so much larger that the impact of the quality of our body products is greater.

I  like to use organic products and Dr Hauschka and Weleda are two brands I really trust in the choice of their ingredients and in ensuring they are of the best quality. Sometimes it makes products more expensive, but not extortionate. I love both their rose body oils. Dr Hauschka’s Rose Body Oil is more subtle and it lasts such a long time. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump so the packaging is better. Weleda’s Wild Rose Body Oil is quite strong in scent, so if you don’t like the fragrance of roses it won’t be the one for you, but if you do, it is SO lovely! They also do a Seabuckthorn Body Oil that has a citrusy scent and is known to be great for preventing stretch marks.

If you have any recommendations please leave a comment below. I always love to try new ones!

Inma x

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  1. I really like Weleda. Aromatherapy Associates looks great too; I haven't tried them. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. They're amazing! They leave your bathroom smelling amazing and even your PJs so they scent lingers for a few days after. They're on offer at space NK at the moment but not sure where you can get them in the U.S... Let me know if you try them x

  2. The only kind of oils I've tried are for the face and I've been loving The Body Shop's Vitamin E one. I've had my eye on the Trilogy one for quite some time now, it's always had great reviews x

    Beauty with charm

    1. It really is amazing. The only thing that could make it better for me is if it was scented. they do a little bottle that's not too expensive from lookfantastic so give it a whirl and see what you think! :) x

  3. Replies
    1. Let me know what you think if you do try it! x

  4. I love body oils! I'm really curious to try some bath oils now!

    1. Bath oils are amazing - they make your whole bathroom smell and even your PJs so you get the relaxing scent for a few days afterwards as well :) x

  5. I need to purchase them asap! I never try bath oils but you made me curious to try them
    follow for follow?:)


  6. Sure! Just started following you on Bloglovin' and Twitter. Lovely blog, by the way! It's really fun :) x

  7. I used to use facial oils but I stopped because of my acne. To be honest, even though my skin is better, I havent gone back to using them. I do like a good bath or body oil though. Just popping some good old lavender oil in the bath is great for a soothing and relaxing bath :) x


    1. Yes, I love lavender oil :) Have you ever tried the oil by Dr Hauschka? This is what got rid of my acne in my twenties and I think they do sample sizes if you want to give it a try. x


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