Sunday, 1 November 2015

Best of October

The School of Greatness, by Lewis Howes
Last September The Chalkboard Mag, one of my favourite websites, published a post with the best podcasts for mind-body wellness, where I found The School of Greatness amongst a few others that I will talk about another time. I've been listening to them when I go on my daily walks. I think the mixture of being outside doing something active, having time to think and the inspiring content always make me come back from my walks full of ideas, energised, motivated and excited. If you are into development and self improvement, I highly recommend it.
My favourite episodes this month have been:
- Neil Strauss and the Uncomfortable Truth About Relationships, which made me laugh a lot.
- Promote your passion, which made me think I should drop the self consciousness when it comes down to promoting Sunshine & Glow. It is something I put effort into and that I am very proud of, so I'm going to try and promote it more.
- Live in the season of your life, which talks about the times when we are on top of our game and go all out, the times when we prepare, the times of reflection... there are different seasons or cycles in our lives. This was a 5 minute episode that got me thinking about the season I am in right now.

Deliciously Ella: Why I don't like labels
I loved this post by Ella Woodward. She has become one of the poster girls for healthy eating and is herself vegan, so I thought it was really interesting to read her view on labels such as vegetarianism and veganism, gluten free, dairy free, etc. I've always liked the positive way in which she talks about food and although I eat meat, fish, dairy, gluten, wheat and everything else, I find her views on food incredibly inspiring and they still resonate with me. I keep coming back to her website, book and app for recipes the whole time and enjoy them a lot because they taste amazing.

Roasted beetroot and potato soup
I just mentioned how much I love Deliciously Ella and her recipes, and this is one I particularly enjoy in the colder weather. Firstly, it looks absolutely stunning, but it is so tasty and the chilli gives it a real kick. A good one to clear your nose if you have a bit of a cold, let me tell you! I made a big batch this week and have had it two consecutive days so I'm going to freeze the rest to have in a couple of weeks.

From Roses: Let's talk about body image
Rebecca's blog is one of my favourites to read daily. It is sprinkled with beauty and style, but it is her thought provoking posts that I enjoy the most. She has the ability to talk about very sensitive issues ike weight and body image in a way that is respectful and responsible. As well as the content of this post, I really enjoyed the conversation it sparked in the comments.

Hello Gemma: Ethics and transparency in beauty
It is no secret that I love natural beauty products and two of my favourite brands are Dr Hauschka and Weleda, which go beyond what the industry asks of brands and the ethics really run deep into everything they do, especially the products they made. I was really interested to read about Santaverde, a brand I'd never heard of before, which is incidentally based in my native Spain. I've been checking their website out as well as Liv's (their online stockist in the UK) and am looking at what to try first, because try them I will!

Hope you enjoyed this slightly different version of my favourites. I was finding it hard to keep it authentic when I was including so many beauty products, because the truth is that I don't try out that many products and I never want this blog to feel contrived.

What has stood out to you recently?

Inma x

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