Sunday, 6 December 2015

Petrichoralia: where jewellery dreams are made of concrete

My friend Esther is one of the most creative people I know. She is also incredibly thoughtful and for as long as I've known her she has always given the most original and personal gifts and cards. It didn't surprise me at all when she started her own jewellery collection and launched Petrichoralia with her husband, their shop on Etsy. This is the first time I venture out and get someone else involved in a blog post, and I couldn't feel in safer hands. It has been such an enjoyable process to learn more about how it all started and even create some jewellery myself! With a lot of help and guidance I made the ring in the picture below (well, one like it!) and I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received.

But without further ado, here are some of the questions I asked her.

First of all, Petrichoralia is an unusual name. How did you choose it?
The word 'Petrichor' (the earthy smell after rain) has always been one of my favourites and conjurs up images of trees, earth but also pavement- all of which fitted the ingredients used in the jewellery so well, I wanted to use it for the shop.

What inspired you to start making jewellery and setting up a shop online?
I have a deep love for handmade and unique items and wanted to contribute some creativity to the world, so decided to go on Etsy. I am so excited by the idea of creating something which is then worn and loved by another person who I may never meet, touching two lives together.

How did it all start?
I saw some Resin jewellery on Etsy I admired and was drawn to the natural materials used and the uniqueness of it. Last April Michael and I went on a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii and were really inspired by it. We saw lots of interesting jewellery that was made from lava and other natural materials.
When we came back we started making some resin jewellery for fun, using dandelion seeds and other natural materials.

How did that evolve into concrete?
A colleague mentioned she was looking for concrete earrings, so I had a look online because it sounded so interested. As I started researching I realized I could use the same molds I was using for resin already, so I started experimenting. I love it as a material because of the character that it has. Every piece looks different and what can be seen as imperfections give it so much character. Every piece will age differently depending on the person wearing it, the hand cream that you use, etc. It’s so interesting to work with!
To be able and take a material which is perceived as rough and heavy and transform it into smooth and delicate objects is fascinating.

What was the first piece you created in this collection?
The very first piece was a small concrete sphere, made in June this year. I still have and wear it! (For the record… so do I! In fact, I have two ☺)

And your favourite piece?
The same as most customers - a concrete sphere dipped in silver. It was one of the first ideas we had and I love the contrast of the silver with concrete.

I’m talking to you today, but your husband is a key piece to this jigsaw. How do you find working together?
We both love creating things together and mainly wanted to have fun as well. We complement each other well and he always brings new ideas to the table, so it works really well.

What have you learned so far?
A number of ways how not to make jewellery :) An appreciation of the joy a newly created piece can bring and that it's ok to make mistakes.

What would you tell the Esther starting out?
Sometimes an idea does not work and it's ok to give up before you have 20 broken rings- but take risks and follow your instincts at the same time.

If there were no limits, what would be your biggest dream?
I would love to expand and keep on making different types of jewellery and perhaps one day have the space to create the silver rings etc used myself. For the business to sell regularly and all over the world would be amazing! A small studio in my attic, where my husband and I work on the business part time and collaborate with other local jewellery makers and designers would be my biggest dream.

I would love it if you would go and have a look at their shop on Etsy. I have about 5 pieces of jewellery that I wear the whole time and they are so genuinely cool and beautiful!

Esther has been super kind and has offered a 20% discount through the month of December. All you have to do is enter SUNSHINEANDGLOW20 at checkout. I am genuinely completely hooked on her creations and have had a sneak peak at ideas she has for the future and I can tell you this is a shop to keep going back to, because I’m sure that Esther and Michael will keep adding more pieces to their collection! Oh, and the ship worldwide!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have a lovely Sunday!

Inma x

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