Sunday, 13 December 2015

High 5: Small pleasures

There are certain things in life that we do so often that we completely take for granted. Until we can't do them that easily, that is, and then suddenly we value them once more. Every time I get a cold I struggle with a blocked nose and tell myself I will always be grateful for being able to breathe normally, then of course forget about it the first half hour from when I can breathe properly again!

The other day I was thinking about all these things that we do mindlessly and that we don't stop to appreciate. Here are my top 5.

1. Have a shower. As much as I like baths, I've always been much more of a shower girl. I take ages in the shower each morning and love being under the water and how fresh you feel straight after.

2. Put your favourite perfume on. The first day when I got back from hospital last September I had a shower and then sprayed Stella EDP on my skin, and suddenly I felt like myself again after days of wearing a not very pretty backless gown. I have been wearing Stella for two or three years now and the scent is floral but subtle, not sweet at all, and for me it is perfect for every day.

3. Feeling the fresh air on your skin. One of the nicest things about the winter is being able to go for lovely walks. I love feeling the cold on my face.

4. That feeling you get when you have changed your bed sheets and get into bed. 

5. Having a cup of coffee in bed. I am a sleepy monster, I will gladly confess it. When the weekend arrives there is little that brings me more pleasure than spending the whole morning in bed, coffee and book in hand.

What are the small things that you enjoy?

Inma x

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