Sunday, 3 January 2016

Resolutions, goals or wishes for 2016

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am sure you have read a million posts about this subject. Have you been told to call them goals instead of resolutions? To keep them short or to make a list as long and specific as possible? Did you read to start afresh, to look back and start from your previous years achievements? Confusing, huh? I say read it all if it interests you (I love it personally), but when it comes to making your own resolutions, goals or wishes, whatever you like to call them, do your thing!

You may be a super duper organised person who loves making lists. Go for it! Make your list, fill it with bullet points and stickers, use all the different colour pens you own. If you like to dream big and go for big ideas, do it! Shoot for the stars! Whatever you do is what you need to do and, let's face it, by the end of February it is difficult to remember what was on that list, but should that stop us from trying to be the best person of ourselves? I don't think so.

Personally, I like things simple, but I am also a restless and ambitious creature and like to set myself goals, not just at the beginning of the year. You will find random lists in my journal with things I would like to happen in my life. Sometimes I read really old entries and I get goosebumps when I see things that clearly meant a lot to me that I made happen. It makes me appreciate them all over again. Many years ago I watched The Constant Gardener with my mum and we had a conversation about poverty that I'd forgotten until I read what I wrote about it again years later. At the end I said I really wished I could work for Oxfam one day. When I read this I had been working at Oxfam for a couple of years and I wondered what would that younger girl have thought and felt in that moment if she'd known it would happen. It made me appreciate my day job even more, because isn't it great to be able to work where you truly love?

I have really gone off on a tangent here... That story was not planned, but it shows how taking some time to think about your dreams, your goals or resolutions can have a positive effect even years later.

But let's come back to the now. I think it is fair to say that the past 5 or 6 years have not been short of challenging. Last year was the first time that I had a bit of time to breathe and I remember I actually only made one resolution: to look after myself. It worked well for me because it was broad, it was big and it gave me some focus throughout the year. And to be honest, it was just about all I could manage.

I look back and I know I did a lot of things towards looking after myself, from going to see a doctor to deal with the pain I was suffering from and eventually having surgery, to making yoga a priority and going on a yoga retreat, to going to a couple of music festivals and having as much fun as possible.

This year I have been a bit more ambitious and there are 3 areas I want to focus on:

Be present

This includes a lot of things, some very personal, but if I could stop walking around with my phone glued to my hand and use technology to work for me and not the other way around I will give myself a big pat on the back.

Be confident

I've always have pretty good intuition but I don't always listen to it, so I want to do that more, trust what I think much more.


From travelling and experiences different places to pushing myself when it comes down to my blog and everything in between. I want to be curious, explore and experiment and see where that takes me.

But this is me, and you will want completely different things from 2016. Whatever those are, I hope that you have the courage and tenacity to make them happen, and I would love to hear what, when you look back in 2017, you would like to have accomplished.

Inma x

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