Sunday, 6 March 2016

7 healthy hacks for work

Being healthy has become a driving force in my life and although it may look like one has to make massive lifestyle changes to be healthier, the truth is that there are very small things we can do every day. Here are 7 super easy things that will make your working day healthier!

1. Switch coffee or regular tea for herbal tea

I used to have two coffees under my belt by 9.30am, plus have another one when I hit the 3pm slump to be able to get through the afternoon, and then when it got to bed time I usually lied wide awake for hours. Part of the appeal is having a hot comforting drink, so I have been favouring herbal teas instead. Pukka Tea has some amazing flavours that won't make you miss your cappuccino at all. My favourites are Cleanse and Three Mint.

2. Get up and talk to people instead of emailing

Your inbox will also thank you for it, and as well as getting out and about your working relationships will be more effective than if all you do is send emails to people sitting three desks away.

3. Take healthy, home made lunches to the office

I have talked about this before, but the cost of eating out every day is insane, and you always end up having something that is probably processed. Make bigger batches of food for dinner and take the leftovers. It is so quick and will save you lots of money as well.

4. Stay hydrated

I'm not a massive fan of rules, but I have set myself one, which is to have a large glass of water before lunch and one before I leave the office. I have one as soon as I get up and then another one or two for dinner, which takes me over 2 litres a day. 

5. Take a walk

Ideally, during your lunch break, but I have to admit that I usually go for an hour walk after work and it does me the world of good. I put on my headphones, choose a podcast to listen to and walk around 5km in that time. When I was recovery from surgery this was all the exercise I was allowed to do and despite all the tea and cake I had when people came to visit I managed not to put on any extra weight, so I am a convert now and love my daily walks.

6. Keep healthy snacks handy

Whether it is a bag of almonds, a piece of fruit or a smoothie. If you get a craving during your work day (mine always hit at 3pm!), have something good at hand and that will stop you from a trip to the vending machine to buy a chocolate bar or something unhealthy. If you struggle for ideas, have loads of different ones here.

7. Take the stairs

This is an obvious one, but it makes a huge difference. You can even take it one step further and run up the stairs!

As you can see, all these tips are really easy to incorporate into your every day life. If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments below!

Inma x

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