Sunday, 27 March 2016

Best of March

Without a doubt, the best thing about March is the arrival of spring: the lighter evenings, the milder weather and Easter break, which was the perfect excuse to sneak in a visit to my family in Spain. Apart from those, there are plenty of other things that stand out to me this month. Here are some of them!

Sephora Waterproof Eyeshadow Pencil in Taupe
This is an old favourite, but I don't think I have ever talked about it. That I am lazy with make up is no secret to you by now, and I like nothing more than something you don't have to touch up during the day. This crayon is creamy but stays put all day. It is similar to the famous cream eyeshadow Bad to the Bronze by Maybelline in that it has a multitonal quality. In other words, you can clumsily paint over your eyelids and it will look as if you have used three different eyeshadows and blended your heart out! I used mine up recently and not being able to buy Sephora in the UK I went for an alternative by Dutch brand Hema (more of this in an upcoming post) but while I am spending a few days with my family in Spain I have gone to my local Sephora to replace my beloved eyeshadow stick. If satin or shimmery shades are not your thing, their matte shades look gorgeous too. There was a dusky dirty pink that I nearly bought and that I think would suit anyone.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick in Natural

Bobbi Brown foundations and I have a funny relationship. I find most of them too much on the yellow side, and I recently bought their new Intensive Skin Serum Foundation and I have to say I have not been impressed at all, mostly because the pipette to get the product out of the bottle is an absolute pain to use, but also because it is a bit too dewy. This one, however, I love. Despite having pretty uneven skin due to hyperpigmentation I don't like wearing foundation too much, so what I do is use Origins Vitazing moisturiser and then use this foundation stick to add some coverage to the areas where I have dark spots, the same way I would use a concealer. It is similar in consistency to Dermablend's concealer sticks, but the shade range is fantastic and you can be sure that you will find a shade that matches your skin perfectly.

Film: Spotlight

I love a good drama featuring journalists, I love Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams and I grew up in a Catholic environment, so this film was definitely one for me! You will have most likely heard about it as it won the Oscar for Best Film, but if you haven't, it follows the investigation team at The Boston Globe, who uncovered how priests often abused children and the Catholic Church knew about it and covered it. The Spotlight team at The Globe, led by a new Editor, followed through with this story which apparently had been presented to them by victims years ago, when they did nothing about it. This is a very understated film with a huge amount of plot - the screenwriters have done an excellent job at telling the story in a way that you rarely feel lost. All performances are excellent, but Mark Ruffalo is in my opinion the best of a really great bunch.

Probably too late to catch it at the cinema now, but I am sure it will be making its way to several streaming services soon.

Life: Fallas

This Easter I am spending a week in Spain visiting family and friends. Whenever I say this I always feel compelled to say it is not a holiday, as I am at home and visiting relatives, doing jobs like going to doctors, helping my mum move furniture, etc. However, it is still great to switch off from work and be surrounded by the people I love the most.

This year I arrived on 19 March, which is the last day of Fallas in Valencia. If you have never heard of Fallas, it is a bit difficult to explain, but essentially every neighbourhood has a group of people  (casal fallero) who fundraise during the year to fund the construction of monuments made of papier mache that are as tall as buildings. They go up during the second week of March and eventually get burned on the night of 19 March, which is Saint Joseph's Day. The monuments are called "fallas" and they are absolutely gorgeous. Another huge part of the celebration is the fireworks. Valencia is a land full of firework artists and it really shows during this week. However much I say about them, there is nothing that can compare with seeing the city full of people, the smell of the fireworks, the sound of the music on the streets or the beautiful monuments that stand tall in sometimes really tiny squares in the city. The crema, or burning of the fallas is also a really beautiful thing to see in person, and this year I arrived just in time to have a quick nap at home and then head to the city to see the main ones. Here are a few pics I took on that evening.

I hope you have had a wonderful month! What have been your highlights?

Inma x

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