Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hema make up

Although I really like make up, I wear less and less of it and always like to keep it as quick and simple as possible. The step that I rarely skip is eyeliner, as my eyes are brown, the same colour as  my hair, and not huge, so they always need a little bit of help with definition. I used to be a fan of black liquid liner and wear it most days, even if it was a very thin line, but I had fallen out of love with it. Quite often it would fade throughout he day, or transfer onto my eyelids and even cheeks, so there is no wonder that I had stopped.

Last month I spent a day with a friend who always wears the perfect black feline flick and it lasts all day, so as we were having dinner I had to ask her what was the secret behind it. Her answer was that for hers to last it had to be liquid and have a brush applicator. She told me her favourites were by Rimmel and a Dutch budget brand called Hema, so given that we were in Amsterdam, the next day I rushed to the nearest Hema to look for it!

If you haven’t heard of Hema, it is a Dutch budget brand of stylish products, from stationery to clothing, homewares, make up, cleaning products... I first came across it at the duty free in Stansted Airport and their stationery itself makes it worth a visit. They only have 5 stores in the UK but their online shop is pretty good.

Onto the products then! The prices were so good that I bought two: a liquid black eye liner and an eyeshadow crayon.

The liquid eyeliner is  absolutely brilliant and a steal at £3. It did take some getting used to using a liner with a brush again instead of a pen, but the staying power is incredible. It really doesn't budge throughout the day and it stays really black. It is quite a wet formula and I would recommend letting it dry for a minute or so before curling your eyelashes and putting on mascara if you wants to avoid smushes, but once it's dry, you're set for the day (and night)

The second product I bought was an eyeshadow crayon. The colour is a gorgeous rose gold and the staying power is pretty good, but unfortunately the pigmentation was not great. I am not sure if it had something to do with my skin colour but it didn't show at all, and the crayon was not soft so applying it was a bit painful. I much prefer the crayons by Sephora, like the one I talked about in my Best of March post.

Overall I can't make up my mind about the quality of their range as a whole without trying more products, but I have been left intrigued to try more, that’s for sure, and I will buy that eyeliner time and time again!

Have a great Sunday!

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