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Yoga for beginners: 30 day challenge with Fightmaster Yoga

Last month Anne from Linda Libra Loca and I decided to take on this challenge together. We would complete Fightmaster Yoga's Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge. We've been keeping a journal every day of it and Anne has published our thoughts, achievements and struggles in her blog each week. We finally reached the end and we wanted to share our thoughts on the whole experience.

What did you hope to get out of this challenge?
Anne: My main goal was to get moving and gain back some flexibility. But I won´t lie, I figured if I would get some yogie-esk patience and serenity, that wouldnt hurt either.

Inma: I've been meaning to practice more consistently, so the main thing for me was to build a habit, to come out at the other end doing yoga 5 times a week after the challenge.

What did you enjoy about it?
Anne: Lesley. She is such a sweet and calm person, and her friendly voice is a pleasure to listen to. And the fact that it got me moving, every single day. I dont think I would have done it otherwise.

Inma: I loved going back to the beginning and learning something new about poses I learnt a long time ago. At the same time it was great to get to the final days and experiment with really tough ones, still not getting there, but being a bit closer. The last week was really fun! I also really enjoyed setting an intention at the beginning of some of the classes.

What surprised you?
Anne: How trying yoga actually is. In my mind, it was a lot of stretching and breathing, I hadnt expected to be so sore.

Inma: How difficult it was to find time, especially for something that I absolutely love. 

What challenges did you find?
Anne: Some of the poses, like headstand and crow, as well as the twists. I am not very flexible it seems. 
And of course, finding time for it in my day. I had to practice with my daughter at day care, otherwise she´d always interfere, and even then I had to keep my son entertained. 

Inma: Time was the biggest challenge. It was a really busy month for me, I had friends visiting, I had a trip back home, and I had to miss a few days, which made me feel really demotivated. By the end of week 3 I didn't think I would be able to finish and I felt like I had failed and let Anne down. She was sticking to it every day with two children at home and I was failing when I have only me to think about!

What did you learn as a consequence of doing this challenge?
Anne: You can always make time, if you make things your priority.
Making exercise your priority makes you feel very good about yourself.
Yoga is actually real exercise.
Having an accountability partner like Inma helps a lot.

Inma: That I can realistically only commit to doing yoga 5 times a week maximum. I always felt amazing afterwards, and the consistent practice made the last few days easier. There is a lovely quote that says: Practice and all is coming. And I felt it was true. Even what looks impossible now can be achieved if you keep practicing, and this is something I will take into the rest of my life.

Would you do it again?
Anne: Yes. It was a great way to get into yoga. And a great way to get into the habit of regular exercise.

Inma: I definitely would do it but not 7 days a week. In fact, I am going to start Fightmaster Yoga's 90 Day Yoga Fix this week! Otherwise I will miss Lesley's voice too much.

Would you recommend it to others?
Anne: Absolutely. This challenge is a great way to start doing yoga if you have absolutely no clue what you are about to do.

Inma: Definitely! It's a great way to get into it.

Any other final thoughts?
Anne: All in all I can say that even though yoga will never be the only form of exercise I do, I can see it being part of my routine in the future. Thank you, Inma, for showing me the beauty of yoga!

Inma: There are a couple of things that stand out for me. One is how much calmer and stronger I feel after this month after a couple of really stressful and tough months. The second is how much I have enjoyed doing this challenge with Anne and encouraging each other. There was a point when she emailed me to ask if I was ok and that gave me so much motivation! 

If you would like to read about how we got on with the challenge day by day, you can check out the posts on Linda Libra Loca:

Have you ever done a 30 day challenge? Would you do something like this? Did you find hearing about our experience useful? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Inma x

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