About me


I am Inma, the person behind Sunshine & Glow.

I was born in Spain, where I lived until I was 23 and where all my family still is. I currently live in Oxford, in  the UK, a city I fell in love with from the first time I visited in my teens.

When I was growing up I always enjoyed writing and communicating, which made me do Journalism at university in Madrid. However, finding work as a non native speaker when I moved to the UK proved impossible and my career took a different path and I've been working for an international development charity for the past 5 years, which I love. In December 2014 I decided to create Sunshine & Glow to explore my creative side, to write about the things I love.

I believe our health is the most precious gift we have and am a believer in taking good care of it, whether it is by eating good food, treating ourselves to a relaxing bath or staying active. Hiking and yoga are my activities of choice, as they keep me moving and slow me down at the same time (I can be a bit of an overthinker!). When it comes to beauty I have a preference for natural and organic products over those that aren't, but still use a mixture of the two.

For me food is both a way of nourishing our bodies and a social activity. I enjoy cooking and eating and have grown up in en environment that celebrates it. I love sharing the family recipes as well as healthier choices.

When you read this blog you will find a mixture of all of the above. Sunshine & Glow is small and I have never worked with any brands nor received any PR samples. There are products I talk about time and time again, simply because I love them.

You can contact me at inma.andres@me.com.

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