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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What's in my beauty bag - Travel edition

It is Christmas and I am back in my native Spain for a week to spend the holiday season with my family and friends. These trips are what my friends in the UK call a holiday, and in reality they are a balancing act of a very busy schedule seeing all my relatives (and it is a BIG family) and finding some time to unwind and recharge the batteries. The truth is that although this isn't a holiday like going away to the Caribbean, there is nothing like walking into your family home to make you feel like a child again, in the best way possible.

I like to pack as light as possible, and as an ex-pat, the numerous trips back home have turned me into a pro when it comes down to packing. Having said that, I always struggle to trim down the contents of my beauty bag. I like to have a little bit of variety and to bring a couple of treats. Here is what I brought with me this time:

If you had a few masks and a sunscreen this is what I use at home. I try to save travel sizes, especially moisturisers, but this time I only had one lying around.

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