Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Delicious quinoa salad with feta cheese and pomegranate

When you try to eat healthily there are some ingredients that appear everywhere. Sweet potatoes are a good alternative to regular potatoes and kale is the be all and end all. But if you're not used to cooking with them, sometimes it can be tricky to incorporate them into your diet.

Quinoa is one of those. It is well known for its nutritional goodness, packed full of aminoacids, and a great source of protein. Although low GI diets seem a thing of the past, quinoa is in fact low in GI, which means that it takes your body longer to digest it and it releases energy more slowly, leaving you full for longer.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

DIY chicken art for hen weekend

My friend Daisy is getting married in a couple of months, and this weekend we celebrated her hen weekend in Bath. Ruth and Anna, the two bridesmaids, did a truly amazing job organising a weekend for all of us to meet and get to know each other better and give Daisy a weekend to remember.

This little art project was part of it. We were asked to create a picture of a chicken (one of Daisy's favourite animals) and write a message for her on the back. We could choose anything we liked, from photography, collage, a drawing... 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

January favourites

January is the month of the year when most of us try to be our best selves - go to the gym, start running, meditate, drink 2 litres of water, eat more greens, and quite often stick to our skincare routine. It is a fresh start, a clean slate.

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