Sunday, 27 March 2016

Best of March

Without a doubt, the best thing about March is the arrival of spring: the lighter evenings, the milder weather and Easter break, which was the perfect excuse to sneak in a visit to my family in Spain. Apart from those, there are plenty of other things that stand out to me this month. Here are some of them!

Monday, 14 March 2016

High 5: Spotify playlists

Despite owning lots of albums more often than not I find myself listening to music on Spotify. I usually go to their Browse section and select a playlist depending on my mood, but there are a few that I keep returning to, so I thought I would share them.


This is probably the one I listen to the most, especially if I am getting ready to go for dinner with friends or even to go to work. It is the songs you hear on the radio, but without all the chatter in between.


I love the Mood section on Spotify. There is where most of my favourite playlists are, but this one is by far the one I listen to the most, especially when I am writing on my journal, having a bath or doing some yoga. It is a great one for night time, as the songs are slow and are perfect for unwinding.


As a good Spanish gal, after lunch I feel all sleepy and I need something to keep me concentrating at work. As I am trying to stay off the coffee past lunch time, I find that good music is the best way to help me get through that lethal half hour after returning to my desk. This is one of the playlists that I listen to on a daily basis, especially if I have lots of emails to get through. If I have a big piece of work that requires a lot of focus, then I usually listen to the next one.


Have you ever noticed that when you listen to upbeat music while you walk you do it faster? This is kind of similar, in that the music in this playlist will make you not only focus but always work really efficiently. Well, at least that it what it does to me. It sets the rhythm and I usually plough through my to do list like there is no tomorrow. I also find it very useful for big chunks of work, as my energy and concentration levels remain right up.


Their Mood section is brilliant for when I am enjoying a cup of coffee, writing or reading stuff online. There are too many there that I would include in this list, but the one I am enjoying at the moment is Acoustic Winter. It's mellow and sad and uplifting and relaxing all at the same time!

What are your favourite playlists?

Inma x

Sunday, 6 March 2016

7 healthy hacks for work

Being healthy has become a driving force in my life and although it may look like one has to make massive lifestyle changes to be healthier, the truth is that there are very small things we can do every day. Here are 7 super easy things that will make your working day healthier!

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