Sunday, 12 June 2016

High 5: Posts I am most proud of

When I look back through old posts, there are some that make me cringe, believe me. Those are probably the ones that I have learned the most from, like the collaboration with a small website that practically tried to tell me exactly what I had to write and then wouldn't even share my post on social media. It taught me to stick to my guns and go with my gut - although I believed and meant every single word I said I just hate seeing it there, but it is a reminder to only write about what I am passionate about. Sometimes that means taking a week off, or posting a few days late, but at this stage in the game, being proud of what I put out there trumps consistency if there is a conflict.

Then there are other posts that I have forgotten I had written and are a pleasant surprise, like the 9 steps to build your self confidence or the post about oils. And finally, there are the ones that really meant something special to me and that I feel proud to have written.


This is special to me in many ways. I am a complete foodie and have such a soft spot for food from my country that evokes so many happy memories. Making paella at home was a ritual and it often involved everyone in my family. My dad would be in the driving seat but he made sure that we all got involved in one way or another, whether it was chopping vegetables or tasting the broth. I have never tasted a better paella than my dad's and every time I eat it I think of him.

Until I wrote the next post in this list, this recipe was my most read post by a mile, and it made me really proud that it was something as personal as a family recipe that I have eaten and made time and time again.


Since I had to undergo major surgery last September to remove some pretty large fibroids, women's health and hormonal balance have become two topics of massive interest for me. At Christmas I came across Alisa Vitti on The Lively Show podcast and this book that she wrote has changed my outlook on women's health and has improved my own health so much! I had the pleasure of having a video chat with her as a consequence and she was just as wonderful and caring.


This is one of my most recent ones, but one that sums me up pretty well and encapsulates what type of messages I want to spread from here. When I started Sunshine & Glow I did it because I wanted to do something creative and explore that side of me. I started off talking about things that interested me, and slowly I get so much joy out of talking about things that matter to me. Having a positive outlook on life and being resilient to all the crap that happens to all of us are skills that I have had to learn and have found so valuable.


Yoga is very special to me. It helps me keep fit and it helps me unwind, but it has done so much more for me than just that! I wrote this post after coming back from a wonderful yoga retreat in France where I had SO much fun, I laughed so much and came back feeling so strong and so confident that I couldn't not talk about it. You will have to read the post to see why I love it so much, but it has given me the best tools I have to live.

5. BEST OF 2015

This represents all the "Best of" posts, which I really enjoy writing every month. At the beginning it felt a little bit self indulgent, but my friends who read Sunshine & Glow always say they enjoy those. The rest of my content is probably more interesting to women, but these appeal to anyone. My friend Gary pretty much only reads those (Gary has been looking out for a name check here for weeks now, so let's see if you are reading now!).

If you have been reading for a while, what other posts have you enjoyed? Or which one of these did you like? Would love to hear your opinions.

Inma x

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Best of May

Here we are again, at the end of another month. Sitting down to think about what I enjoyed and what I want to talk about has become a great ritual at the end of each month, and one that is making me appreciate the good things a lot more. Sometimes I have a million things to recommend and shout about, but this installment of the Best of the month is less about things and more about experiences. I hope you enjoy it!


Early in May a London receptionist was sent home from work because she wasn't wearing heels. The story became huge, putting in the spotlight the existence of useless dress codes that have nothing to do with a woman's ability to perform her job. More than 100,000 of us signed online petitions to stop this nonsense and in the end the company apologised, although I am struggling to find a link to their apology!
Stylist magazine published a really funny video showing men wearing high heels to work that made me laugh and that I have watched more times than I care to admit!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Yoga for beginners: 30 day challenge with Fightmaster Yoga

Last month Anne from Linda Libra Loca and I decided to take on this challenge together. We would complete Fightmaster Yoga's Yoga for Beginners 30 Day Challenge. We've been keeping a journal every day of it and Anne has published our thoughts, achievements and struggles in her blog each week. We finally reached the end and we wanted to share our thoughts on the whole experience.

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